Bad posture

What is bad posture? Bad posture is characterized by having a lump on the back, slouched, hunched back and rounded shoulders.  People with bad posture tend suffer from different kinds of body pain.

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Bad posture can affect the personality of the person. It can make them feel shy and weak. It also decreases the height of a person. Some people who are born with posture defects tend to be the center of bully or they are being laughed about their looks.  That is how it affects the person. Imagine putting yourself in their shoes what you would feel? 

That is why correcting a bad posture is must not only to protect people being bullied but to make them feel proud and confident. Correcting a bad posture can be done in a lot of ways. Exercise like yoga, pilates, and other form of stretching can help correct the poor posture little by little.  There are some instances that exercise and posture correction brace don’t work and they go for the surgery. This case is rarely occurring.

Using the posture correction devices bad posture can be corrected and back pain and other body pain are alleviated. Taking vitamins and food supplement to make the bones and muscle strong and healthy is a must. Milk and dairy products are rich source of calcium and other bone strengthening nutrients.

Doing simple stretches everyday is also important. The use of posture brace corrector is a great reminder that a person need to sit, stand, lie and walk properly. Without the use of posture corrective device a person will not be determined and motivated to correct their posture because they will only forgot to do it. So keeping a person or a thing that would constantly remind them correctly maintains their good posture is important.

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