How to improve your posture

May people ask this question so many times and the answer is still the same. A person must first have determination, discipline and motivation to achieve a goal of having good posture and correct posture. Most of them are in state of denial.   Even though they feel body pain and their posture is becoming slouched and hunched back they pretend not to know. But as soon as the pain gets severe that is the only time they will look for remedy and cure. “Prevention is always better than cure”

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First and foremost know the meaning of good posture. Understanding the importance of having correct posture is the basic way to start correcting it. Knowing what benefits you can get from having a good posture also helps make the people aware to practice good posture.

Look into the mirror and you will notice whether you are having an arch back or slouch posture. Slouching can make a person look smaller while practicing correct posture can help increase your height an inch.  Be conscious always and you will see that this will work in correcting a posture.

Do stretching and exercise to strengthen the bones and muscle. Exercising daily on a regular basis can ensure that your posture corrected and in good shape.  Exercise also helps regulate the blood circulation. That is why walking, jogging brisk walking is a good cardio vascular exercise.

Taking a dance class and a ballet lesson also helps improve your posture. Notice how the ballerina stand, walk and dance they do it with confidence and grace.  Just like the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”.

Using a posture correction device will remind you to practice good posture. Choosing the right kind posture corrective device is also important. Reading the comments and feedbacks of the people who used the product will give you additional information and also help you decide on what kind of posture correction device you will purchase.

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